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Once again, it is our time to reflect back on the past year and the people who have been such an important part of our success. We at Friend Ship Travel want to thank each and everyone of you for your loyalty and support and for the confidence you have placed in our knowledge and professionalism.


This past October, we celebrated our 25th year in business. This company started out as a one-woman, cruise only agency and has now grown to include nine agents along with the owner and founder, Deanna. In addition, it is no longer a cruise only agency. We book every kind of travel component: flights, trains, car rentals, coach tours, independent tours, hotels, sightseeing excursions and travel insurance for individuals, couples, families and groups. Oh, and cruise, we still book cruises! We book practically every cruise line there is to every destination and every type of onboard accommodation.

We're proud that we have helped so many of you follow your dreams and travel to so many fascinating places around the world or maybe you just took a "get away from it all" vacation to relax and unwind. Either way, we are humbled that you chose us to help you create those special memories. It is rewarding and the best part of this business when you come home and tell us how much you enjoyed your trips and some of you even take the time to write us during your travels to tell us what a great time you're having!

There have been so many changes in the travel industry in these past 25 years. Cruise lines have come and gone, accommodations on the ships have changed dramatically with many more choices. New ports of call have opened up to us all. Hotels are offering more and more perks to make your stays more comfortable and more rewarding. Yet some things have remained the same: the look on your children's faces when they see their favorite characters come to life at a theme park, the warmth of the sun as you relax on a beach, the feeling of a tropical breeze, the scent of the ocean, the awe of a majestic mountain range, the tingle as you walk ancient paths through the remains of antiquities that are thousands of years old, the joy of being with family and friends. It has been said that "Travel is the only thing you buythat makes you richer" and we truly believe that. We know it has opened our eyes and our hearts to so many new experiences, experiences that will last a lifetime.

We look forward to your continued support as the new year approaches. Please stop by our webpages often and please like our page on Facebook where we post about special offers, travel news and interesting facts. We also love to read your comments and see your own travel photos.

We send you our heartfelt wishes for a happy holiday season and that you and your family are blessed with good health, peace and love always. Please celebrate safely.

With gratitude,

Deanna and the crew














Our goal is to please you and to help you book the vacation of your dreams. We don't book travel. We book memories. We hope you remember us when you are ready to plan your next vacation.





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Here are just a few tips worth repeating:

1 - If you can, pack as much as possible into a carry on. Try to pack "double-duty" clothing, such as a pants/skirts that can be worn to a casual dinner and then be dressed up for a more formal occassion if it presents itself. Same with shoes. I generally carry a soft pair of dress shoes, a good walking shoe and a casual. low sandal.

2 - Let your "personal" carry-on item also be used for extra items that you will be needing.

3 - If you travel more than just occassionally, it may be worthwhile to enroll in one of the pre-screening programs offered by the government. But beware that you will need to pay for it, provide fingerprints and be interviewed so it probably isn't worthwhile if you don't do enough travelling.


4 - Be careful what you pack in your carry-on luggage as you will be delayed and may lose some items if they don't comply with TSA rules.

5 - On smaller, commuter flights, they will probably take your carry-on luggage and gate-check it so you won't need to check it at the ticket counter and therefore, you won't have to pay to check it. Just be sure that you don't leave valuables in it or anything you will need before during your flight. Also, batteries are not to be packed in any checked luggage for safety reasons.

6 - Read the signage while in the security line. If you are prepared when you step up to the x-ray belt, you will get through faster and easier. Also, have your passport open to your photo page and your boarding pass with it. The agents will appreciate it. Oh, and be sure to smile and greet them with a warm "good morning" or "hello" when you approach and follow up with a thank-you.

7 - While packing, be mindful of the weight and girth limits of your luggage, both checked and carry-on. Don't be the person at the ticket counter moving items from one suitcase to another to avoid the hefty extra baggage fee.

8- Most of all, be pleasant and patient. A smile goes a long way at making your life easier!

Happy travels!



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